About Us

It was a beautiful day to take the pups

Welcome to our Page!

Our philosophy is that life is too short not to have fun and enjoy yourself. 

We are two fun loving, easy going guys who like to share our adventures. From travel, to workouts, to sex, we invite you to watch our crazy life. We might be zip-lining through a jungle canopy or having hot sweaty sex  (or maybe both!) but we are sure to be laughing and smiling and having a blast. Thanks for following along on the journey. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. 

-Kitten and Fox

Hi, I'm Keith or Fox

People call me Fox because I have a large kitsune (Japanese nine-tailed fox) tattoo and I consider them to be my spirit animal. Much like a fox, I consider myself to be clever and wise.

I grew up in a rural midwest town, and I love to learn and gain new knowledge. Whether that be from experiences through traveling, or opportunities in a classroom. I am a PhD candidate and licensed fitness instructor and nutritionist. I enjoy pushing the boundaries of my mind and my body.

I love to laugh, travel and enjoy life. My motto is life is too short, and you may only get one so make it count! And that's just what I intend to do.

Thanks for checking out our page!


I can't decide which to look at first, t

Hi! I'm Jon, or Kitten Bear

People call me Kitten Bear because I am mischievous, playful, and cuddly like a kitten - but big like a bear. I grew up on a farm in the country which definitely helped me grow, and also gave me a love of food. (no one cooks like a farm mom!)


I love to laugh and have fun. I don't take life seriously and want to have fun along the way. I absolutely love to travel and have been known to fly across the world on a whim to go and explore. You never know where I will turn up. :)


I am a certified life coach focusing on helping men lead happier lives through honest communication with themselves and others. Overall, I like making people happy. Whether that is a simple hello, a signature Kitten Bear hug, or giving someone a sensual massage; I love making people smile.

Thanks for checking out our page!